Pagan Poetry

Totally agree with this: “The beauty of true love is like this as well – you are astounded by it, but completely unable to comprehensively react to it, to provide a response that matches the original beautiful thing.”


I remember where I was when I first heard “Pagan Poetry.” I was sitting on a futon in my crappy sunroom-cum-bedroom with my boyfriend, and we were listening to Vespertine for the first time, and we were both confused and uncertain about what we felt about it. The summer sun was setting through the sunroom’s windows as we listened, and the arctic chill of the tinkling melodies didn’t mesh with our mood at all.

“Pagan Poetry” caused some initial humour, too. I asked my boyfriend if he thought the opening music box melody sounded like one of those oh-no-the-killer-is-around-the-corner! soundtrack motifs, and he laughingly agreed. I still think it does, actually, and I have to will my brain to move past that when I re-listen to it.

Aside from that, “Pagan Poetry” has everything that makes Vespertine slightly irksome to me: child-like singing, dense, over-thought out melodies, fizzing rhythms and…

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