My Teaching Manifesto

I agree. Totally. Do you?

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My Shangri-la My Shangri-la

Lately, I have had to venture out of my Shangri-la.  It is easy to stay in my classroom and only interact with those whom I trust.  It is harder to venture out and let my voice be heard unto the masses that don’t think the way I do.  I also know that it is only by interacting with each other that we can find our common ground for solving problems.

Teaching in schools can be difficult.  We teachers are emotionally shackled to what we do in our classrooms.  We are bound to our designed curricula much like a mother is bound to her child.   And when confronted with change we often go to that zone of our brains that tell us to fight or flee.  Our tempers flare, our alarm systems scream to alert.  We look for allies, we run and hide in the trenches, and we activate…

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