When bad reputation is “genau angepasst”

I wouldn’t recommend this wine: La Voliera Negroamaro, 2014 vintage. La Voliera represents the entry level wine of Tenute Girolamo. Quite strange it is the fact that this grape – from one of the sunniest sides of Italy – is not so dry and bitter as its name says. No, is not amaro at all. Schade!, as Germans would say. Based on clay soil, Negroamaro would have the following characteristics: deep, dark, medium tannins, soft, round, blackberries, black currants, clove, nutmeg, allspice, black pepper. Yeah, sure, but what I felt and smelt? A dose of fruity and vanilla aromas, no finish, no tannins, no body. This wine has just alcohol, for God’s sake! But who am I to widersprechen? (He, he, have you ever tried Primitivo de Manduria?)

I have to admit I’ve read that the wines from Puglia have a bad reputation, due of their old fashioned process of production (I don’t know what this could mean). I am truly not acquainted with their history, but I admit I prefer the wines from Sardegna or Toscana. This is for sure!