Wind of change. Not at all.

The increased nationalism and religious fundamentalism all around the world, the dangerous conflicts between minorities in Eastern Europe, and a growing xenophobia emphasize one of the main contradictions of our time: between centrifugal, cosmopolitan modernity and the centripetal need (or at least nostalgia) for belonging. We are reminded again and again of the ancient yet constant predicament of the foreigner, the stranger.
It seems that although he is taught to love his neighbor, man fails to love his neighbor as he loves himself, and fails also to love a stranger like a neighbor.

Excerpt From: Manea, Norman. “The Fifth Impossibility: Essays on Exile and Language (The Margellos World Republic of Letters).” iBooks.

Especially the last sentence seems to be more than true these days. Look at the elections in Austria, UK, The Netherlands or USA… Not in the Eastern, but also in the Western countries of Europe. And those lines were written in 1992. Not in 2016.