Wars? Why?

“One of these days I am going to cut you in little pieces” says a song by Pink Floyd (One of These Days, 1971, on Meddle album). It seems that these days everybody wants to do that. For this reason, we have (all kinds) of wars. I guess.

So, I’ve just remembered that I’ve read some time ago an article entitled “Why has Critique Run out of Steam. From Matters of Fact to Matters of Concern”, by Bruno Latour, published in Critical Inquiry, in 2004 (30, 2/Winter 2014: 225-248).

Wars. So many wars. Wars outside and wars inside. Cultural wars, science wars, and wars against terrorism. Wars against poverty and wars against the poor. Wars against ignorance and wars out of ignorance. My question is simple: Should we be at war, too, the scholars, the intellectuals? Is it really our duty to add fresh ruins to the field of ruins? Is it really the task of the humanities to add deconstruction to destruction? More iconoclasm to iconoclasm? What has become of the critical spirit ? Has it run out of steam?

A fulfilled prophecy? Just asking, as I see is that we are exactly not using the critical spirit. I guess.