When do limits exist


I’ve just bought a book. One of my wishes is fulfilled now: Rita Felski’s volume has arrived. The Limits of Critics is in my personal library. Like in The Uses of Literature, Felski’s approach seems to be the same phenomenological one, based on assumptions of Paul Ricœur. Is critique a false idol, as Felski claims? I don’t know – at least let me pretend that -, as I haven’t read it yet. But I guess there are some limits when we try to count the number of theories… I’ll be back with my review, as Rita Felski is that kind of author you cannot avoid when it comes to understand what literature could be.

Until then, you may try to read reviews written by Matthew Mullins in “Los Angeles Review of Books” (Are we postcritical?) and Davide Panagia in “Critical Inquiry” (my favourite journal, just in case you ask).