For our critics

I know some Romanian academics from my homeland university who can perfectly be described as complaining, fault-finding, grumpy, grumbling, querulous, quarrelsome… They are real cavillers, let’s face it. And for them I have a quotation from a relative recent study of Laura Martin:

To argue, therefore, that Kafka read in English is a travesty is to falsely reify or idealize the relationship between reader and that which is read. This is by no means to argue that we should not continue to promote the learning of languages: it is to say that we can supplement our teaching programmes to cater to a wider audience, thus capturing more interest in the languages and cultures under question.

Laura Martin. “Reading the Individual: The Ethics of Narration in the Works of W.G. Sebald as an Example for Comparative Literature”. In Comparative Critical Studies (The Journal of the British Comparative Literature Association), vol. 11.1/2014: pp. 29-48

P.S. Instead of English you may think of Romanian, French, Spanish, Hindi, Farsi or any other translation…