Happiness is not so distant

Happiness is when you realise that you made no mistake in not buying a book. In this case, Franco Moretti’s Distant Reading (2013). Why? It seems that I actually don’t like iconoclasts, as I stated some time ago. Just look at those last words:

Face to face with so many difficulties, European literature has stalled: finding itself – for the first time in modern history – an importer of those formal novelties that it is no longer capable of producing. In fact, the very autonomy of Europe is now in doubt, reshuffled as its culture is by the world network that has replaced it. For some of the major European literatures, intercontinental, extra-European exchanges have quickly become the most important ones; as for intra-European relationships, a continent that falls in love with Milan Kundera deserves to end like Atlantis.

Franco Moretti, Distant Reading, London: Verso Books, 2013: 42.

I don’t agree, but I still have to read the intriguing  book. Because I want.