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Just listened: The Pineapple Thief – Your Wilderness (Kscope, 2016)

The highly awaited and anticipated album from Bruce Soord & Co. has arrived today: Your Wilderness. I am more than happy in finding out that on drums plays Gavin Harrison. I would say, if I am allowed, is a new album from Gavin Harrison & Co. So strong is this album moulded by the rhythmical section lined-up here:  Gavin himself and bass-player Jon Sykes. But also by the outstanding vocals of Bruce Soord. If you missed Porcupine Tree in last 6-7 years, you can now listen something very similar; and in saying that, I do not want to discredit The Pineapple Thief. I’d rather say they have the most mature sound developed on an album.  Not so haunting as Magnolia or Someone Here is Missing, but it has that feeling of a melancholic trip. And, yes, the touch of Gavin Harrison is deep. And the clarinet (John Helliwell) on Fend For Yourself sounds more than adequate. And you have also choir and strings to listen… The Final Thing On My Mind is the favourite song from this album of Bruce Soord. I understand why, and you should listen it. As for my part, after the first encounter I prefer Tear You Up.